Helping domestic violence victims reset from abuse

Control Alt Delete LLC is a federally designated 501(c)3 nonprofit located in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area. Our primary focus is removing the barriers that prevent domestic violence victims from fleeing abusive relationships.  

98% of domestic abuse victims suffer financial abuse, and this is the #1 reason why domestic violence victims stay with their abusers. The abuser controls money, which leaves the victim with no available financial resources to escape the relationship.


We connect domestic violence victims with community resources and support by providing basic immediate needs. With support from our community we provide emergency cab rides, hotel accommodations, home security systems, lock change assistance, meals, storage and moving companies.


Control Alt Delete was founded on September 2, 2019 to help people who are escaping domestic violence with basic immediate needs – food, lodging, hygiene items, and transportation. We bridge the gap by removing barriers that keep people in unsafe environments.

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2020 Value of Services Provided To Domestic Violence Victims

2019 Value of Services Provided To Domestic Violence Victims


Each member of the Control Alt Delete Board of Directors has a personal reason for being involved with Control Alt Delete.

Laura Pahules
Laura PahulesPresident
Helping people escape in the immediate time of need in a domestic violence situation bridges a gap in services. As both a survivor of domestic violence and working in the nonprofit sector; domestic violence effects far too many people to not help.
Martina Spears
Martina SpearsVice President
I took on the role as Vice President for Control Alt Delete because I have personally witnessed people needing help to leave an abusive situation. It hurts my heart not being able to help others escape from the horror they come home to every day. So many people turn a blind eye on those in need. I want to be a part of the solution and not the problem.
Lisa Bennett
Lisa BennettTreasurer
Control Alt Delete’s mission of helping to improve the lives of those fleeing domestic violence and giving them tools to help them stand alone inspired me to become a board member. Also teaching how to identify situations or circumstances that could potentially become domestic violence.
Crystal Reidy
Crystal ReidySecretary
Owner, Healthy Mason Jar

I support Control Alt Delete because they are empowering victims of Domestic Violence to identify and escape abuse.

John Schuck
John SchuckBoard Member
I have a lot of respect for Laura and I believe she has chosen a very worthy and needed cause to showcase her skills. What Control Alt Delete does is help provide services in the most important and dangerous time-period of a domestic violence survivor’s decision to leave. Without this service many survivors would remain as victims and never even have the opportunity to survive. How can you not want to be part of an organization doing what we do?!
Rachel Perez
Rachel PerezBoard Member
My mother taught me to be community minded. She role modeled to be caring and giving. I am proud to be my mothers’ daughter living her spirit!
Sheila Flores
Sheila FloresBoard Member
I became a board member because I have friends and acquaintances who have been through abuse at the hands of people who they loved. I know abuse comes in many ways…I’ve seen the physical and heard the verbal and have also seen the mental, abuse friends have gone through. I know that it takes just one person to help others. And I want others to know they can help someone too.
Tomas Cordero
Tomas CorderoBoard Member
The reason I want to work with Control Alt Delete is because I feel very strongly about domestic violence. I believe in having a resource available for men and women when they are in the most need.