Who is going to tell the Survivors?

As the news of 180 cases being dropped by the Maricopa County Attorney Office for failure to file charges within the 2 year time frame comes to light, I can’t help but worry for those Survivors of domestic violence when they get the news.

The news that they are being further victimized, not by the abuser this time but by the judicial system they trusted.

How will they find out? A letter? A phone call?

Maybe Allister Adel herself should be required to knock on those Survivors doors and tell them her office failed them. Failed to protect them. Failed to protect our community.

If Allister Adel had to look into the eyes of Survivors of domestic violence and tell them the charges against their abusers were being dropped what do you think she would see?

Hurt, anguish, despair, FEAR, shock, or worse no surprise at all.

What if Allister Adel had to personally tell each and every police officer who diligently documented every bruise, stitches, broken bone, holes in walls and broken windows?  Saw firsthand the devastation and havoc an abuser leaves behind or worse continues to perpetuate.  And now know their hours of hard work and heartbreak listening to the Survivors describe the abuse is for nothing.

How many Control Alt Delete Survivors from 2020 are going to get this horrific news?

What will they tell their children?

How will they explain that our justice system failed them?

And their abusers……now they know they can get away with it. I am sure they are celebrating knowing the carefully reconstructed lives of their victims are spiraling out of control again.

This isn’t just charges being dropped. These 180 cases are lives being destroyed by the very people who should be protecting them.

Control Alt Delete removes the barriers that often keep people in unsafe domestic violence environments.  We bridge the gap in services and help in that immediate time of need providing one time assistance with services such as gas gift cards, cab rides, bus tickets, hotel rooms and new locks and security measures for homes where Survivors will be staying.

Find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/dv.ctrlaltdel

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