Join the “Not a Punching Bag” Domestic Violence Awareness Punch Challenge

Domestic violence impacts 1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men.
Someone you know if being abused right now.

Join the “Not a Punching Bag” Domestic Violence Punch Challenge and challenge yourself to do 100 punches a day!

When requests come in from Victim Advocates, Prosecutor Offices and Crisis Response teams for assistance, Control Alt Delete helps people escape domestic violence. We provide one time assistance at the most critical and dangerous time of need, when Survivors are fleeing. 20% of all requests for assistance are high lethality risk escapes meaning there is a likelihood that if the Survivor doesn’t escape right then the abuser may kill them.  That is the reality for domestic violence Survivors and  you can help!

You can help bring awareness while fundraising by participating in the “Not A Punching Bag” Domestic Violence Punch Challenge.

Create your Awareness Fundraising event today and commit to at least 100 punches a day through October.
Post your videos and share your successes as we raise funds to help people escape domestic violence.
Tag Control Alt Delete in your posts and events @dv.ctrlaltdel on your FB, IG and TikTok sites and dvctrlaltdel on Twitter

You can also join the Control Alt Delete Facebook event and help from there

Control Alt Delete removes the barriers that keep people in unsafe and abusive situations and we can’t do it without you, our supporters.

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