Look at how easy it is to save lives!

The Giving Season is here and there are so many ways to help support Control Alt Delete and the work we do helping people escape domestic violence.

1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men are being abuse right now https://ncadv.org/STATISTICS

Someone you know is trying to figure out how to escape.

Control Alt Delete provides one time assistance in helping people escape domestic abuse. When a referral comes in from a victim advocate, prosecutor office or crisis response team we immediately work to find solutions that remove the barriers keeping those Survivors in unsafe situations. Since Control Alt Delete is 100% volunteer run $1 of every single dollar donated goes directly towards helping Survivors escape.

Let’s look at all the different and unique ways you can help this Giving Season:

  • Donation Drives
  • Wish Lists
  • Roundup App
  • Fry’s Community Rewards
  • Amazon Smile
  • AZ Tax Credit
  • Holiday Hero
  • every.org
  • $12.28 a month Saves Lives
  • “Change” Lives pocket change collection
  • Decorate the virtual Control Alt Delete Christmas tree
  • Hold a “Safe for the Holidays” social media fundraiser

Donation Drives are a fun and engaging way to help Survivors of domestic violence. Control Alt Delete gives a BIN Bin (basic immediate need basket) full of hygiene items and essentials to every in-person escape allowing the Survivors dignity in not having to ask for necessities. A very fun way to collect these items is  the Control Alt Delete Reverse Advent Calendar.

Grab a basket and add an item each day.

Hold a donation drive at your work, you school, your gym, your daycare, your neighborhood.

While BIN Bin items are necessities the Control Alt Delete Safety Kits provide much needed safety measures to Survivors escaping domestic violence. A donation drive for Safety Kit items goes a long way to helping Survivors heal and feel safe again.

Collect items that help Survivors feel safe again.

BIN Bin items and Safety Kit items can be found on many of the Control Alt Delete wish lists; another easy way to help.

domesticshelter.org wish list:   https://www.domesticshelters.org/az/mesa/85213/control-alt-delete-llc/wish-list

Walmart Charity Registry For Good: https://www.walmart.com/registry/RR/fbbcc8dc-b0c0-4067-861c-a1006e56348e

Amazon Wish List: https://smile.amazon.com/hz/charitylist/ls/F05ZSQ17MQDA/ref=smi_ext_lnk_lcl_cl

Target Wish List: https://www.target.com/gift-registry/gift-giver?registryId=09eab360-893b-11eb-b61c-70827eb96c4a&type=CHARITY

Wish lists make giving so easy.  Shop and everything comes right to Control Alt Delete then to the Survivors as we help them escape.

**If you shop from Amazon make sure to shop Amazon Smile. Shop as normal, doesn’t cost you a thing and .5% of eligible purchases comes directly to Control Alt Delete!**

Select Control Alt Delete as your charity and shop Amazon Smile.

The RoundUp app is another very easy way to help.

Round up as you shop and help people escape domestic violence!


You choose the minimum and maximum amount to round up and you can pause at any time.

*RoundUp has an incentive now where anyone that gets 10 new users is eligible to win a $1000 donation!* We could save a lot of lives with $1000!!

Sign up today.

The Control Alt Delete Holiday Hero Program allows you to “adopt” Survivors for the holidays.

Survivors are given a wish list to fill out and that list will go to the holiday hero that chooses to adopt them. We have Survivors of all types, parent with children, single adults and senior citizens. The largest request is grocery assistance so send any Walmart gift cards to Control Alt Delete and we will get them to the Survivors that need them most.

You can be a Holiday Hero – email dv.controlaltdelete@gmail.com to sign up today!

Do you shop at Fry’s grocery store? You can link your Fry’s Rewards Card to Control Alt Delete and help people escape domestic abuse every time you  shop!

It’s true! Doesn’t cost you a thing to save lives.

Linking your Fry’s Rewards Card is an easy way to help.

Here is how to link your card:

Have a Fry’s Rewards Card – link it today. Don’t have one – share this post because someone you know probably does.

Link your rewards card today!

The Arizona Tax Credit program allows a dollar for dollar contribution to qualifying charitable organizations and Control Alt Delete is a QCO our number is 22198.

Contribute $800 if you file a joint Arizona tax return and $400 if you file as single and that amount comes directly off what you owe the state. It’s a dollar for dollar credit on your taxes!  I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do this!

There are several different tax credit and you can claim them all by contributing to qualifying agencies and schools.

Frontdoors Media put together a very comprehensive guide to AZ Tax Credits – take a look:  https://frontdoorsmedia.com/aztaxcreditguide/

You decide where your tax dollars go!

Every.org is another option for giving and through November 30, 2021 every.org will match donations up to $100!

Double your impact!


You can even start your own fundraiser for Control Alt Delete on every.org!

Speaking of fundraisers; one of the largest sources of donations to Control Alt Delete has come from social media fundraisers.

Facebook and Instagram have made it so easy to encourage peer to peer giving! And Control Alt Delete gets 100% of all funds raised; there are no fees associated with these social media fundraisers.

Starting a social media fundraiser not only raises funds but also increases domestic violence awareness. For every like, share, retweet or repost Control Alt Delete will get at least one request for help escaping. That means someone you know needs our help.

Are you a gamer? Have you heard of Streamlabs?

Did you know you can hold a live stream fundraiser for Control Alt Delete? Start your own stream today!


Do you have spare change sitting in a jar? Who doesn’t! Start a spare change collection because you know…..you can “Change Lives”!

“Change lives!”

Print out this flyer and start collecting change: 

Help decorate the Control Alt Delete Safe for the Holidays virtual Christmas tree!

Help decorate by adding lights, ornaments, gifts and the star. Only one person can donate the star ~ who will it be?


The average cost for a Control Alt Delete escape has been $12.28 for 2019 and 2020.  $12.28 saves a life! Join the movement and help create a Society of Survivors by becoming a sustaining donor and commit to donating $12.28 a month until 12/28.

Join the movement today!


Every day is a great day to save a life!

Look! Control Alt Delete board member Katie’s company made the domesticshelters.org 2021 gift guide!


There are so many ways to support Control Alt Delete as we work together to create a Society of Survivors.

As we enter the giving season consider donating to grassroot nonprofit organizations.
Some things to think about when giving:
What resonates with you and pulls at you to give?
Where will you donation likely have the biggest impact?
Can you designate how the funds are used?
1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men are being abused right now. Someone you know is suffering from domestic abuse.
For Control Alt Delete – a grassroot nonprofit agency a donation of any amount is significant to our mission. Since we are volunteer run 100% of every single donation goes directly towards helping people escape abuse. $1 of every dollar saves lives.
You can designate how a donation is specifically used at Control Alt Delete.
Designate by service: Transportation, Lodging, Food & Essentials, Security
Designate by Survivor: Moms, dads, woman, man, Veteran, with pets.
You can donate $5 and designate it for a gas gift card to go to a mom with pets and $5 will help a mom, her kids and pets escape domestic abuse.
Give from the heart 💜
Give Grassroots 💜

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