Masonic Charities of Arizona Provide Life Saving Grant

Control Alt Delete was the lucky recipient of a grant from the Masonic Charities of Arizona on August 21 2020.

This grant has proved vital in helping people escape domestic violence in Arizona.  The number of escapes has risen dramatically in this time of COVID-19 and this grant ensured we were able to meet the need of 100% of our escapes.

Control Alt Delete removes the barriers that often keep people in unsafe domestic violence environments.  We bridge the gap in services and help in that immediate time of need providing services such as gas gift cards, cab rides, bus tickets, hotel rooms and new locks and security measures for homes the Survivors will be staying in.

The Masonic Charities of Arizona helped with:

114 escapes from domestic violence in Arizona

In that 114 escapes there were 317 children

We helped facilitate an escape for 1 Veteran

These escaped included 81 pets

512 lives saved thanks to this incredible grant!

This grant provided one time assistance in the form of gas gift cards, cab and ride share rides, bus tickets, fast food gift cards, hotel rooms, BIN Bins (basic immediate need items), home security, a pre-paid cell phone and storage to people escaping abuse.

“There are days that the need feels overwhelming and it is but getting this grant helped make sure every single need was met to get these Survivors safe.” Laura Pahules Founder of Control Alt Delete.

Knowing we are creating a safer Arizona and a Society of Survivors is what keeps Control Alt Delete going.  Thanks to the generosity of the Masonic Charities of Arizona we can accomplish this mission.