Help For Anyone Escaping Abuse

Help for Anyone Escaping Domestic Violence Arizona

When Control Alt Delete was being founded; I worked through my business plan with care.  I charted potential growth areas, pitfalls and funding sources.  Having working in the nonprofit sector for years I knew that concept for Control Alt Delete would fill a gap in services.  I also knew that tracking various data points would be critical to secure some forms of funding.

Many funders require demographic data such as ethnicity, education levels, religion, geographical information and many other data points.  For Control Alt Delete none of that matters as our goal is to help people escape domestic violence by removing the barriers that often keep people in unsafe and abusive situations.  I know from personal experience that the more questions asked the greater chance someone needing services will end the conversation effectively leaving them vulnerable.

Control Alt Delete tracks the gender of the adult, the number of children and the services we provide.  Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate and any other information is not relevant to the services we provide.

Working closely with Victim Advocates and prosecutors’ offices the scope of our services is morphing to address the need.  We are growing as an agency because we shift focus and adapt without loosing the focus of the mission.  We are helping people that have no one else willing to help.  We do this because helping people escape is our greater focus.

Together with our communities support we are creating a Society of Survivors one escape at a time.