Operation Welcome Home

Control Alt Delete received a request from a Victim Advocate to help a mom and her 3 children with furniture for the home they would be moving into after escaping domestic violence.  The advocate stated this family had nothing and would appreciate any help we could provide.

I did a social media post and collected sheets for a king size bed that was donated and for a queen size mattress as well.  We got pillows and some bath towels, pots and pans, solid wood end tables and more.  Volunteers Tess and Jackie stepped up to help this family!

Then I got a text message from longtime supporter Debra asking if we had an escapes that could use a TV.  I told her about this family and Debra went into super hero action mode!

I loaded up our truck and Debra and Don loaded their truck and trailer then we dropped off:

King size mattress, box springs and bed frame with pillows and bedding

Queen futon mattress with pillow and bedding

Dining table and 4 chairs

Sofa with a pull out queen size sleeper

Solid wood end tables

2 book shelves


38” TV

Computer & printer

Kitchen utensils

Art for the living room walls

Storage containers

And probably a lot more that I am forgetting.  We helped turn this house into a home.

We are going back with bunk beds tomorrow.  No more sleeping on the floor with just a thin blanket!

The kids were so happy with their Jackie CAD Comfort Bags.  They squealed in delight as they discovered all the treasures in the handmade bags.

The mom was in tears as she looked through the BIN Bin full of hygiene items and essentials, especially because of the laundry soap.  Ready that again – the laundry soap made her cry tears of joy and relief.

Our community is amazing and I could not be more proud of each and every person that has helped make this happen.  My sincere thanks to you all!

Control Alt Delete removes the barriers that often keep people in unsafe domestic violence environments.  We bridge the gap in services and help in that immediate time of need providing one time assistance with services such as gas gift cards, cab rides, bus tickets, hotel rooms and new locks and security measures for homes where Survivors will be staying.

Genuine Gratitude

She was so excited!

Tank the Control Alt Delete truck

There new house was completely empty except a thin blanket they slept on last night.