How Much Does it Cost to Save a Life?

The cost to save a life

Join the movement to save a life every month.

In September 2019 Control Alt Delete started removing the barriers that often keep people in unsafe domestic violence environments.  We quickly found that the majority of escapes were people needing fuel for their car so that they can actually leave and get away from their abuser.

Since then we have helped facilitate 861 escapes from domestic abuse and that included getting 1695 children to safety.  The first few months of existence we received about 1 request for help a day.  COVID has changed that number drastically with number of requests for help going as high as 62 in a single day.  Imagine being quarantined with an abuser and how utterly terrifying that must be.

Do you know what the cost is to save a life?

$12.28 per person

You read that right.  The average cost of an escape from domestic violence is $12.28 per person.  $12.28 to save a life!

Due to COVID the number of escapes has gone up exponentially; however, the amount of donations has not risen to meet the need.

You can help save a life a month by joining the $12.28 to Save a Life Campaign!

By committing to donating $12.28 a month until 12/28 you can be a part of a movement that literally saves lives.How your donations help

Join this campaign to save lives by setting up a monthly re-occurring donation of $12.28 on the Control Alt Delete website:

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