Saving Lives Thanks to the Sunstate Equipment Foundation!

Thank you Sunstate Equipment Foundation for the very generous grant of $5000 to help people escape domestic violence.

This grant came in right before Memorial Day weekend which is a Mega Escape event.

A couple of the escapes we have helped with this morning:

  •  New locks on the home of a mom and her 3 kids and 4 pets. The abuser is still in custody and when he gets out his keys will no longer work, helping make sure he can’t just walk in.
  • A mom and her 2 teens with bus tickets to safety early this morning. They are on their way to a life free from the trauma of domestic abuse.
  • We helped with grocery assistance for a senior citizen that was being physically abused by his adult child.
  • A hotel stay for a woman who fled her abuser and needed a room for a night until shelter space opened up.
  • Gas for 4 escapes. 4 women, 6 children and 2 pets are all now safe or on their way to safety

Historically tomorrow, Monday will be our busiest day of the weekend.  Thanks to the Sunstate Equipment Foundation we will be ready!

Control Alt Delete removes the barriers that keep people in unsafe and abusive situations and we can’t do it without you, our supporters.

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